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Our Mandate as an Association

Tanners Footwear and Leather Manufacturers Association of Zimbabwe is committed to protecting the unique identity of leather as a sustainable and beautiful product and working together as one united sector to promote the Zimbabwe leather brands at home and abroad.

Industry Promotion

We represent the industry at major trade shows, develop consumer education campaigns, industry-focused PR, and marketing an authentic Zimbabwe leather label for leather goods sourced and made in Zimbabwe.

Business Support

We influence education faculties to support and develop the next generation of leather technologists and design and fashion students.


We represent the ZimbabweAN tanners and leather goods manufacturers under the Zimbabwe leather development council ZLDC.

We are help you To Grow your Business or Profession

We provide an informative and inquiry service on issues affecting the industry. We are developing an online resource, the TAFLAZ Directory, which will be a repository of all people, businesses, events, training courses, and other sources of information, free to access for all. Plans are underway to develop a Zimbabwe leather showcase where businesses and students can have access to a comprehensive range of leather samples to help promote and enhance their work.





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How do I Join TAFLAZ?

As we rebuild our Zimbabwean leather industry, we have come to realise the success that can be achieved when we work together. This requires that we support both our tanners and manufacturers, as our future success is intertwined.

Your membership to TAFLAZ means that you can benefit from the various initiatives the association embarks on to promote the industry. From Leather expert assistance with different aspects of your business to benefits and services negotiated by TAFLAZ for the industry. For further details email

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What Has Been Happening in our Industry?

Keep up with news from the Zimbabwe Leather Industry which boasts of the best leather in world.

VICE President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has officially launched the Zimbabwe Leather Sector Strategy ...

The Zimbabwe Leather Sector Strategy (2021-2030), sets out the priority programs and reforms to be imple...

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